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Yoga Center Listing Option 1: Link Exchange

By adding 1 link to us on your website or blog, you will be helping to improve this site's search engine ranking - and you will receive a FREE yoga listing (with no time limit) in our growing directory.

Guidelines: Link to any page on the Yoga Centers Directory or
Tip: Link to your Country or State page to easily check up on your listing!
· The text or image link can be in any style or format (examples below).
· The link can be placed absolutely anywhere on your yoga-related site - except not on a hidden or invisible page.
· After the link is added, please go online and test it to make sure it works correctly.

Link Examples and Suggestions (Scroll down for banners)
Please link to any page you wish, using any suitable title, anchor text, or description.

Title: International Yoga Centers Directory
Optional Sample Description: Global guide to yoga instructors, studios, ashrams and retreat centers!

Yoga Centers Directory  ·  ·  ·  Find us on the International Yoga Centers Directory!

More examples:
Florida Yoga Studios  ·  Thailand Yoga Centres  ·  London Yoga Teachers  ·  Lijst van Yoga Centra in Nederland
To learn more about many modern and traditional styles of yoga, visit the Yoga Style Glossary
Self-Realization Articles  ·  Free Yoga Software  ·  The Yoga Portal  ·  Yoga Magazines and Journals

If you insert links using HTML Code, you can copy & paste this:
<a href="" title="Yoga Centers Directory" target="_blank" >Yoga Centers Directory</a> - Global guide to yoga instructors, studios, ashrams and retreat centers!

Result (which will open a new window when clicked):
Yoga Centers Directory - Global guide to yoga instructors, studios, ashrams and retreat centers!

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To use any of these images, please right-click the image to 'Save Picture As...' and save the image to your computer and website. You can also change the sizes or request new sizes from us. Please remember to link the banner to our site - if you can't click on it to open our website, it isn't counted by internet search engines as a link.

Linking Tips:
To link an image using your own website editor, first add the image, select it, then open the Image's Properties or Link Properties. You can usually find this by right-clicking on the image, or look through your menu for Insert > Link.
Please type in the area that asks for 'URL to link to'. Depending on your web program, this might also be called 'hyperlink', 'add URL', 'insert link' or something similar. Once the link is added, please upload the page (and image) and test the banner online to make sure it works properly.
Without the http:// part, the link won't work - but some web design programs add the http:// in automatically (so you would only need to enter ).

We'll include the link's location in your listing under the heading 'Yoga Links'. If you don't want this displayed in your listing, just let us know. Please contact Kim listings(at) if you have any questions.

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