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Directory of yoga in Nepal - listing yoga centers of all styles and traditions!
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Aagam... Tushita-Nepal Meditation Center
Address: World Peace Stupa, Pumdi Bhumdi-1 Kaski, Nepal
We also have centers in Kathmandu and Pokhara.
Contact: Phone: +9779856025232  /  Email: tushitanepal[at]
Instructor: Kshendrab
Yoga Style: Hatha Yoga and Vipassyana
Description: Guru Gorakshanath (father of Yoga & Meditation) & Veda Vyasa who wrote the 4 Vedas
Tushita-Nepal (Pension / Meditation Center)
To discover the mysterious creation of nature
To understand life and the world
To perceive eternal truth, bliss and beauty
And, Tushita Nepal for the noble cause
Meaning: Tushita means 'Heaven' in ancient Nepali language. As the name suggests, Tushita - Nepal is amidst the nature; magnificent Himalayas just in front, emerald blue lake, lush green forest rich in flora and fauna. Spectacular dramatic views compel to ponder upon mysterious creation of Nature. And, you realize yes! Tushita-Nepal is the ultimate destination for healthy body, mind and soul. Indeed, it is a paradise on earth. The picture speaks itself more than hundred pages of words.
Features: • Three mountains above 8000m can be seen from Tushita- Nepal premises
• Nine rooms named after nine planets
• World Peace Stupa seen just in front
• Music, Yoga and Meditation room
• Nature Therapy and Spiritual Healing
• The building has been built according to Vastu - Shastra 'Fensui'
• The landscape of Tushita-Nepal is in Shiva Linga shape naturally
• Used local skill and materials ; Stone architecture crafted with conscience
• Healthy Spa and Ofuro (Japanese bronze bath tub)
• Utmost Tranquility 'Far from the Madding Crowd'
• Spring water used and the most clean air in its surrounding
• Jungle nearby rich with flora and fauna ; orchids, various birds and butterflies
• Spinny Babbler, the bird found in Nepal only, can be watched
• Herbal Garden, bio-fencing, bee-keeping
• Organic Vegetables from own farm and healthy food served
• Sustainable energy source used (solar light + solar cooker)
• Tented camp and barbeque place, natural planetarium to watch stars
• Beautiful sunrise and sunset from your terrace
view seen from Tushita-Nepal

Ananda Yoga Center
Address: Matatirtha-7, Yognagar, Kathmandu
Post Box: 11225 Kathmandu
Ananda Yoga Center view
Contact: Phone: +977-1-5164048, +977-1-5164239.
Mobile: +977-9741-409520, +977-98032-21485.
Email: aanandayoga[at]
Website:  |  Ananda Yoga Center Blog
Chairperson: Sannyasi Shivgiri
Yoga Style: Satyananda (Bihar) Yoga
Specialties: Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga etc.
Description: Ananda Yoga Center provides a residential yoga facility. It is overlooking the Kathmandu Valley with views of the Himalayas. The Center is situated at the edge of Matatirtha village. It can be reached by bus or taxi within an hour from Kathmandu. Established in 1990, the retreat facility has been recognized by the Nepalese Government.
Also, we are recommended by international guide book and website namely "Lonely Planet" and "TripAdvisor".
Courses are tailored for both beginning and advanced students of yoga and related practices. This includes Asanas (postures), Pranayama (breathing excecises), meditation, Yoga Nidra (a complete relaxation technique), Shatkarma (6 types of yogic cleansing: nasal, intestine etc), philosophy, Mantra Chanting and Kirtan (devotional songs). Vegetarian meals are the mainstays of the daily routine. Internet is available.
building photoAustria Group photo

Arogya Kendra
Address: Tahachal, Kathmandu. Email: shresthadevaki[at]
Description: Yoga taught by professionals, and if necessary we cure diseases naturally using the naturopathy techniques. We have a complete naturopathy clinic.
Arogya Kendra also offers Yoga Teacher Training, Meditation Courses and Yoga Therapy.

Arogyam (a complete treatment center)
Address: Arogyam Health Home Pvt. Ltd. Janakpur- 14, Mujeliya, Nepal
Instructor: S.K. Adhikari (Naturotherapist).  Tel: 9844024204  /  Email:
Description: Arogyam Health Home Pvt. Ltd. Janakpur is run by Arogya Nepal (NGO).

Ayurveda and Yoga Centre
Address: Jorpati, Kathmandu, Nepal
Instructor: Dr Ram Mani Bhandari
Description: Ayurveda, Panchakarma and Yoga centre.
Personal yoga instruction and yoga therapy in Nepali and English languages.

Bichar Neupane
Address: Amrit Marg, Bhagawan Bahal, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal
Description: You can experience a yogic, family environment in Nepal. De-stress, Relieve any digestive problems, Reduce obesity, Relieve long-term depression and fatigue, Stretch the whole body and Relieve long-term neck and back pain. They will help you to quit smoking or any other unhealthy addictions. Relax, rejuvenate and refresh the body and mind. Feel spiritually uplifted.

Bikram Yoga Kathmandu, Nepal
Address: 2nd Floor, Sagarmatha Bazaar (walking street), near OR2K and Cafe Kaldi. Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal
Instructors: Mohan Sthapit, owner and instructor; All instructors Bikram Yoga certified
Description: Bikram Yoga College of India now open in central Thamel, Kathmandu. Leave your ego at the door and challenge yourself in this 90 minute asana sequence performed in a heated room. Beginning to advanced students welcome. A great workout.

Bohemian Yogi Tours with Tara and friends
Retreats: Guided Yoga Tours in India, Bali & Nepal Bohemian Yogi Tours with Tara and friends
Contact: Phone: +306971585357  /  Email: email[at]
Website/Links:  |  Our Team
Instructors: Many yoga and meditation teachers and Alternative healers
Yoga Style: Hatha, Bhakti, Kirtan, Mantra, Laughter..
Description: Experienced yogi guides offering wondrous journeys to the best of India, Bali and Nepal. These tours are a blissful blend of travel, culture, yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, spiritual seminars, laughter therapy, exotic vegetarian cuisine, stunning scenery, leisure and friendly people.
"This trip was THE experience for me, I loved it! I am thinking of everything now and I would like more. More things to know, more things to see, more things to feel and taste!"
- Iliana - psychologist, life coach

Divine Yoga Institute
Address: Ganesh Marga, Shankhamul, New Baneshwar - 34, Kathmandu
Contact: Email: divineyoga[at] , divineyoga[at]
Instructor: Sannyasi Vishnuswaroop (Thakur Krishna Uprety, Diploma in Yogic Studies, B A Major in English and Economics).
Sannyasi Vishnuswaroop completed his academic courses from Bihar School of Yoga / Bihar Yoga Bharati, Ganga Darshan, Munger, Bihar, India under the direct guidance of Swami Niranjananada Saraswati, the disciple of Swami Satyananda Saraswati.
Sannyasi Vishnuswaroop is Life Member of World Yoga Council, International Yoga Federation.
Yoga Style: Satyananda Yoga - Bihar Yoga
Specialties: Traditional Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga and Yoga Philosophy, Yoga Passport - a comprehensive program - Beginner's, Intermediate and Advanced Levels, Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga Therapy Training with Certification.
Description: Divine Yoga Institute offers courses in yogic studies, training and lifestyle for people who want to deepen their experience of Yoga. Courses range from one week to three months.
Divine Yoga Institute offers both shorter and longer personalized yoga courses/programs tailored to your individual needs and interest (e.g. a specific yoga practice for a particular disease or problem). In each course all aspects of yoga are included such as vishram (relaxation), asana (postures), pranayama (breathing techniques), mudra (expression of psychic or mental attitudes), bandha (locks), shatkarma (yogic cleansings which are wonderful detoxifying practices ), dharana (concentration) and dhyana (meditation).
Teacher Training: Divine Yoga Institute teacher certification courses are designed for highly motivated students with good yoga experience and who are disciplined in their practice. The courses will deepen their experience of yoga and will enhance and develop their teaching skills and techniques. Teacher training is available in English in combination with the four, six, and eight week Yoga Passport Programs.
All yogic courses with Sannyasi Vishnuswaroop should be reserved and confirmed in advance. Thank you.

Healing Retreats in the Himalayas
Address: Healing retreats and yoga tours in the incredible Himalayas of Nepal. Himalayas
Contact: Email: tours[at]
About Ashima Journeys
Description: We are a boutique tour company specialising in healing retreats and yoga tours in the incredible Himalayas of Nepal.
Explore the holy temples and World-Heritage listed sites of Kathmandu in our guided tours. Relax and be inspired on one of our private or group retreats featuring yoga, meditation, Tibetan massage, workshops, singing bowls and more.
Places are limited so don't miss out! Visit our website today!

The Himalayan International Yoga Academy (HIYA)
Address: G. P. Box 5801, Kathmandu, Nepal
Contact: Tel: +977 1 2021259, 9841213025 (Dr. Subodh)  /  Email: yogainnepal[at]
Fax: +977 1 4700874, +977 9841245975 (Rajan), +977 9851036785 (Kumar)
Website:  |  Yoga Links
Instructor: Dr. Subodh Simkhada - A Certified Yoga Teacher and Naturopathic Physician in Nepal
Yoga Style: Mainly "Hatha Yoga" and others also.
Specialties: Yoga, Meditation, Accommodation, Organic food, Alternative medicines, Spa and Wellness.
Description: The Himalayan International Yoga Academy (HIYA) is operated by highly trained professional Yoga and Naturopathic Physicians. At this academy, we offer Yoga, Meditation, Pancha Karma practice with elements of the Ayurvedic life style.
Our accommodations include a luxurious Spa - all of which is aimed at awakening our own inner healing potential which can lead towards "sat-chitta-anada" (truth-consciousness-bliss). The whole ambiance is designed according to Vaastu Shastra (Science of Architecture) for your comfort, good luck and good health. You will love the vegetarian food, specially prepared in accordance with the ancient ayurvedic rules.
Our campus includes 'Kailash' bunglow, library, meditation and yoga halls, restaurant and 4 luxurious cottage tents named Wisdom, Tranquility, Harmony and Bliss, all nestled in 30,000 sq. feet of lush green vegetable, fruit and herb gardens. The nearby Nagarjun hill range with its pure oxygen rich fresh air is guaranteed to invigorate your whole being.
Besides Yoga, we offer relief from chronic diseases, weight gain, and stress using Naturopathy and Ayurvedic treatments.
YOGA IN NEPAL - Himalayan Int'l Yoga Academy & Research Center (HIYARC) - Yoga, Meditation, Accomodation, Organic Food, Alternative Medicine, Spa and Wellness - Rejuvenate yourself...arden
We expect you to leave "HIYA" feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, relaxed and ready for whatever challenges that may be around.

Himalayan Yogini
Address: Khpaundi-2, Pokhara, Kaski, Nepal 33700
Instructors: Devika Gurung, Sachiko Hirano, Shyam Gurung
Description: New yoga retreat center over looking Phewa Lake, outside Pokhara. Classes, courses, retreats, meditation, yoga treks, organic farming, holistic living. Devika yoga and Classical Hatha yoga, Self healing.

Hotel Himalaya Yoga
Address: Thamel, Kathmandu
Description: Our main goal is to combine our best hospitality service with the well being of your health through Yoga and Meditation after a tiresome journey. Hotel Himalaya has specially introduced the retreat under the best experienced yoga & meditation teacher. Whether you're on your very first visit to the Himalayan country of Nepal or you have been here many times, we will take every possible care to make your inner as well as outer journey as joyful as possible.

kamma Healing Center
Address: Babar Mahal Revisited, Babar Mahal, Kathmandu, Nepal;
Sanepa, Lalitpur, Nepal;
British Embassy, Kathmandu Nepal.
Description: Sivananda style, kripalu, Astanga, Tai Chi, Meditation and other healing arts.
If people need, we can arrange a residential package (at other place) on request.

Kathmandu Centre of Healing
Address: G.P.O. Box 8975, E.P.C. 5139, Kathmandu, Nepal
Description: Sivananda Yoga Tradition Programme, Hatha Yoga, Nidra
Regular classes: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 07:00 - 09:00, Wednesday 17:30 - 19:30.
Introduction to Hatha Yoga Course, Yogic Cleansings, Yoga Nidra Classes: By arrangement.

Kathmandu School of Yoga (Satyananda Yoga)
Address: Pulchok, Lalitpur, Kathmandu
Instructors: Premananda (Shiva Basyal)
Description: Kathmandu School of Yoga is a registered yoga institution with the Government of Nepal. It deals with the various dimensions of the needs and interests of the aspirants. It follows the systems of teaching founded by Paramahamsa Satyananda Saraswati, the Founder of Satyananda Yoga or Bihar Yoga. Tel: +977 98511 68145 / +977 980 30 28 296  /  Email: yogainkathmandu[at]

Address: Koteshwor-35, Kathmandu, Nepal
Contact: Phone: 977-9803274249  /  Email: info[at]
Website:  |  Yoga Links
Instructor: Anil Joshi
Yoga Style: Lazy yoga, Easy Yoga, Natural Yoga, Sahaja Yoga, Bhusuku Yoga, etc.
Description: Yoga for the lazy, busy, chubby and more. From lazy to active; hyper-active to active.
Online yoga classes (by email, chat) for the lazy, busy, chubby and many more.
Now, teaches in person too.

Mahalaya Retreats and Yoga Teacher Trainings
Address: Nepal
Contact: Email: connect[at]
Description: Mahalaya invites you to explore the most extraordinary place on earth - you - to find a greater mindfulness and wellbeing. Our 200 hour Teacher Training combines high-quality training with excellent teachers, with the study of yoga philosophy in Nepal, where ancient yogic traditions are still alive: taking you to the spiritual heart of the practice.

Marigold Yoga India
Address: Annapurna in Nepal.  Also in India: Agonda in South Goa, Canodolim in North Goa, Pushkar in Rajasthan
Instructor: Meg Lee.  Email: marigoldyogaindia[at]
Description: Meg Lee's Yoga Holidays for the Elderly, Yoga Courses for Senior Citizens for people retired from paid work and family responsibilities. Also known as Third Age Yoga, Yoga for Elderly, Retirement Yoga, Yoga in your 60's, 70's & 80's. Yoga Holidays in Goa, Pushkar in India & Nepal.

Nava Raj Dahal
Address: Tridevi Marg, Thamel, Kathmandu
Instructor: Swami Basu
Description: Nepal Environmental Treks and Expedition arranges yoga classes in Kathmandu, Nepal. If you are planning to do yoga and meditation, please feel free to contact us. We are always happy to service you with smile.
Yoga = combine the life to sole

Nepal Yoga Home
Address: Tarkeshwor-5, Goldhunga, Kathmandu
Contact: Tel: 977-9849521819  /  Email: nepalyogahome[at]
Instructor: Prakash Acharya
Yoga Style: Hatha/Ashtanga
School Introduction: Nepal Yoga Home is a Nepal government certified leading organization in Nepal. We are also certified by Yoga Alliance International. Nepal Yoga Home provides Authentic Hatha/Ashtanga Yoga instruction from highly experienced yoga instructors. The location is perfect and is surrounded by Nagarjuna jungle which was named after the enlightened monk. More than 1000 students have already taken Yoga Teacher training, Yoga Retreat, Ayurveda and Yoga Detox packages. They are fully satisfied from our yoga classes, yogic food and teaching style and have very good views about us.
Our YTTC: 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training course: This course is Designed for everyone who wants to become a certified and qualified yoga teacher, this yoga teacher training includes detailed information of yoga along with essential teaching skills. Set in a stunningly beautiful and peaceful environment of Kathmandu, it is a great place for those who are in search of health, happiness, peace and harmony. Meals and accommodation will be provided throughout your training. Most of all, this course will kick-start your career as a successful yoga teacher.

Nepal Yoga Retreat Center and Spa
Address: Pancha Mahalaxmi Temple, Chhaling, Bhaktapur (on the way to Nagarkot)
Instructor: Dr. Chintamani Gautam.  Email:
Description: We have a new purpose designed yoga centre with excellent facilities, Nepal's most comfortable yoga accommodation, a serene setting with prana from the natural surrounds and tasty organic food. At the retreat, there is also Nepal Yoga Academy for teacher training.

Pranamaya Yoga Nepal
Locations: Pranamaya Yoga Studio Patan:
Moksh complex, Pulchowk, Patan
Yoga at Monastery Pharping
Pranamaya Yoga Studio Thamel:
on attic of 1905 restaurant, Kantipath
Pranamaya Yoga Studio Boudha:
4 min. from Boudha Stupa on Jorpati, opposite Pipal Tree
Contact: Email: info[at]
Website:  |  Yoga Links
Instructors: We have a team of experienced Nepalese and international yoga teachers, who love sharing their passion for yoga with you!
Yoga Style: Ashtanga, Iyengar, Hatha, Satyananada, Sivananda, Vinyasa Flow, Power, Dynamic Hatha

Pranamaya Yoga

We organize inspiring three-day yoga retreats in a beautiful Tibetan Buddhist Monastery in the hills around Kathmandu.
Please join us if you like to learn more about:
  • what yoga is and how it can benefit you
  • how to make your own daily yoga routine based on your goals, body type and needs
  • how the right food, relationships and environment encourage the health of body and mind
  • the importance of the breath
  • how concentration and meditation reduce stress
  • how awareness changes your everyday life
  • essence of yoga philosophy and basic yoga anatomy
We also offer daily classes and workshops at three yoga studios in Kathmandu. You are always welcome to come to any of the classes on our monthly schedule.
Yoga with the Monks NeydoYoga at Neydo Monastery
Description: Pranamaya Yoga offers daily different style yoga classes and workshops in three comfortable and centrally located city studios. We also organise weekly yoga retreats at beautiful locations in the hills around Kathmandu.
For more information on our classes, teachers and upcoming events please visit our website or send us a mail. We are looking forward to meeting you! Namaste

Rishi Yoga Centre
Address: North Lakeside, Khahare, Pokhara, Nepal
Instructor: Rishav (Rishi) Pokharel,  Email: rishi.yogacentre[at]
Description: Daily Hatha Yoga Classes, including Pranayama, meditation and relaxation. Daily from 8am to 10am and from 4pm to 6pm - only 350 NRP per class. Suitable for all levels, from beginners to advance. Bookings not necessary but please e-mail or call (+977) 9846204406 to confirm class times. Matts are provided. Classes in English, Nepali and Hindi languages.

Sadhana Bhumi Himalaya For Life Research
Address: Matatirtha-9, Dhaksi, Kathmandu, Nepal
We are located just 30 minutes away from the centre of Kathmandu, so close to the city but so far from the noise. Our centre is located at the highest of the hill, the view of Kathmandu valley and Himalayan mountains are breath taking.
Contact: Phone: (00977) 1 - 4039070 / 9813314157 / 9813314158
Website:  |  Contact Us   /  yogainhimalaya[at]
Yoga Style: Ancient Yoga tradition. Ashtanga yoga thorough Patanjali tradition, Hatha Yoga, Yoga therapy, Kundalini Yoga, Tantra Yoga, Raja Yoga, Various Meditation techniques. We also teach other yoga techniques according to individual interests and needs.
Description Sadhana Bhumi Himalaya For Life Research (SBHFLR) is a Yoga and Naturopathy retreat centre. Our centre offers ancient traditional yoga following the way of yogic life in the best environment. While spending time at SBHFLR you can train and harmonise your physical, mental and spiritual nature.


We have 3, 7, 14 days and 1 month Holistic yogic life programmes:
Our daily programme including:
 · Intensive Yoga practice  · Breathing technique  · Various Meditation  · Chanting / Bhajan  · Spiritual guidance
Our naturopathy treatment including:
 · Different types of massage  · Traditional steam bath with herbs  · Mud body treatment  · Naturopathy advice
Our retreat including:
 · Comfortable accommodation with own shower and toilet  · Home made vegetarian meals.
Most of vegetable comes from our own organic garden and rest of the vegetables and fruits obtained from local farmers.
We also organize local short trekking in part of program.
Sadhana Bhumi Himalaya For Life Researchasana
Please visit our web site for further information.

Sadhana Yoga Retreat
Address: Sedi Bagar, Sarangkot-7, Kaski/Pokhara
Instructor: Asanga, Principle Teacher and Founder
Description: Sadhana Yoga has been offering a variety of courses according to our participant's requests and needs for more than a decade. Asanga has over 20 years experience including several years as the disciple of Yogi Vikashanand and holds a Bachelor Certificate of Naturopathy and Yoga Therapy with the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines in Calcutta, India.

Sapta Yoga International, Patanjali Yoga Retreat Center
Address: Pokhara, Nepal some 140 miles / 210 km northwest of Kathmandu.
Contact: Tel : ++9771-427-8437 (Dialing to Kathmandu, Nepal)  /  Email: saptayoga[at]
Instructor: Yogacharya Dr. Sushil Bhattacharya
Yoga Style: Sapta Yoga
Specialties: Hatha yoga, pranayama, meditation, yoga therapy
Sushil in Padmasana
Sushil in Utthita Padmasana
The month long Sapta Yoga International course is designed for the people who would like to become Sapta Yoga International Teacher or would like to intensify their Sapta Yoga practice. Instruction will be given on Sapta Yoga Asana, Pranayama, Sapta Dhyana, Yoga Nidra, Sat Kriyas (six cleansing methods and fasting), Sapta Yoga Therapy & Yogic Massage, Sanskrit Mantras, Bhajan Singing, Yogic vegetarian cooking and Yogic way of living. Upon completion, Sapta Yoga International Beginner's or Intermediate Teacher Certificate will be given to those who are truly involved in practicing Sapta Yoga sincerly. Knowledge tests will be taken at the end of SYITTC.

The Month Long Sapta Yoga Teacher Training program will be taking place in beautiful Pokhara, Nepal some 140 miles / 210 km northwest of Kathmandu. We are doing this course in a beautiful place on the other side of famous Fewa lake, where you can only go by boat. It takes about 30 minutes by boat to reach our yoga retreat center.

Please write us for the current course fees and Registration forms.

Sati: Ashtanga Yoga In Nepal
Address: Kathmandu, Nepal
Description: Sati teaches the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga system and the philosophical traditions of Samkhya, Vedanta, and Mahayana Buddhism. She leads mysore classes, led classes and retreats in Kathmandu, Nepal. To learn more please visit her website:

Shanti Yoga Ashram
Address: Machhegaun, Kathmandu, Nepal
Instructor: Main Yoga Guru Yogi Prakash
Description: Shanti Yoga Ashram is developed as a spiritual place to promote and teach classical Tantra Yoga, to all the people without consideration of castes, religion, race or gender and to support people to go deeper into spiritual life style using classical yoga's techniques and philosophy.

Vasudhaiva Institute
Retreats: We are based in Kathmandu, Nepal but teach events globally.
Contact: Email: vasudhaivafamily[at]
Instructors: We invite scholars, yogins, artists, and therapists from around the world to teach for Vasudhaiva Institute in retreat settings or as part of extended training programs and short intensives.
Yoga Style: Various traditions are examined based on the event with a focus given to Ashtanga Yoga.
Specialties: We have a strong focus in philosophical studies and many of our retreats and trainings delve into Asia's great philosophical and spiritual heritage. We explore Vedanta, Samkhya, Tantra, Classical Yoga, and Buddhism with a special attention given to Tibetan Buddhism.
Description: We are a global educational institute with operations based in Kathmandu, Nepal. We invite scholars, yogins, artists, and therapists from around the world to teach for Vasudhaiva Institute in retreat settings or as part of extended training programs and short intensives. While we are focused in the traditions of Yoga and Buddhism, we invite teachers and scholars from a wide range schools for intensive practice as well as comparative study.
Vasudhaiva Institute We are committed to exploring how spiritual practice works to dispel our suffering, how it transforms our relationships and informs various disciplines in our modern world including education, activism, creative, and therapeutic practice. Vasudhaiva hopes to aid in eliminating prejudice across traditions by encouraging mature, intelligent dialogue and engagement while valuing the efficacy of dedicated practice and commitment to one's chosen path. Through the study of genuine spiritual wisdom and examining how this wisdom can be practiced in the modern world, we hope to inspire a global community of genuine practitioners. Below we've outlined a few things we highly value. Does it resonate with you?
  • A Big Heart
  • Respect for Authentic Spiritual Tradition & Lineage
  • Modern Application of Ancient Wisdom
  • Compassion + Wisdom = A pretty good Human Being
  • A Sense of Humour (a must!)
  • Comparative Study that leads to a Spacious Embrace
  • Intelligent, Mindful Engagement
  • Keeping the Big Picture in Focus.

Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal by Rishikul Yogshala
Address: Barahi Tole, Baidam Rd, Pokhara 33700, Nepal 200 Hrs Yoga TTC Rishikul Yogshala
Contact: Tel: +91 7060060954  /  Email: info[at]
Instructors: Swami Atmanananda, Gangesha Chaitanya, Bipin Baloni, Yogi Prashant
Yoga Style: Hatha Yoga, Astanga Yoga
Specialties: Yoga Adjustment and Alignment
Description: Rishikul Yogshala is passionate about yoga practice. Our headquarters is in Rishikesh which is also known as yoga capital of the world. Our yogi's impart their yoga knowledge and experience in our flagship 200 hour and 300 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh - India. We also provide yoga teacher trainiing in Kerala, Dharamsala, and Nepal.
yoga classesyoga teacher trainingyoga school

Address: Kathmandu, Nepal Yogi-nomad
Contact: Skype: terra_77  /  Email: info[at]
Website:  |  Yogi-nomad Blog  |  Our Location
Instructors: Gaby Tezier, E-RYT500 and Valerie Diaz, Thai Massage Teacher
Yoga Style: Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and combinations of alignment, of static and flowing postures mixed with breathing, meditative and ethical practices.
Specialties: Our retreats and trainings focus on four aspects you mostly do not get during regular classes: they are empowering, adapted, complete and interactive.
Description: Yogi-nomad is a non-profit organization dedicated to expanding consciousness through Yoga worldwide. Yogi-nomad holds Yoga teacher training Courses (TTC) Nepal at yoga centers in Kathmandu, plus retreats/workshops in Asia, Europe and the Americas. We combine the practice of Yoga and Ayurveda with other enlightening practices like Nutrition and Thai massage.
group picture Oct 2012mandala circleadjustment is conducting Yoga Trainings and Retreat in India and Nepal since 2008.
Check for info on our next 6 weeks long training (350h).

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